OFA is an organization that collectively realizes the copyright of all photographers. This means that the rights of both professional and amateur authors from all fields of photography (documentary, daily political, sports, historical, fashion, artistic, cultural, and other areas not specifically listed here) are protected.

The Intellectual Property Office of Serbia issued a permit to OFA for the collective realization of property rights of authors in the field of photography on July 16, 2013 (published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, number 67, dated July 31, 2013), renewed on July 6, 2023 (decision on the renewal of the permit). This permit relates to the right to collect fees from cable re-broadcasters for the re-broadcasting of photographs and two rights to a special fee (from photocopying services – physical and legal entities that earn a fee from photocopying and importers/manufacturers of photocopiers and similar reproduction techniques.

OFA members do not pay membership fees.

Goals of the organization:

  1. Realization of property rights of photographers and holders of these rights;
  2. Depositing of copyrighted works in the field of photography;
  3. Political and legal protection of photographers (participation in legislative projects, actions, and procedures for the protection of photographers’ rights).

Bilateral Agreements OFA has concluded agreements with related organizations, including:

  • VG Bild-Kunst – Bonn, Germany (an organization that protects only photographers’ authors)
  • OOAS – Prague, Czech Republic
  • The Society Bildkupphovsprat i Sverige (BUS) – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Graphiques et Plastiques ADAGP – Paris, France
  • ALBAUTOR – Tirana, Albania
  • UARA – Ukrainian Agency for Copyright Protection, Ukraine
  • VEGAP – Spanish Organization for Copyright Protection

International Agreements

  • CISAC – Paris, France An international organization that protects the rights of many authors and music authors worldwide, OFA is a member.
  • European Visual Artists EVA – Brussels, Switzerland A European organization that protects the rights of visual arts authors, OFA is a member.

Gallery of Reemitted Photographs

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