OFA is an organization of authors of photographs and it is established for the purpose of collective management of copyright and related rights. This means that the rights of professional and amateur photographers in all fields of photography (documentary, daily, political, sports, historical, cultural, fashion and others), shall be protected.

On July 16th 2013 Intellectual Property Office issued to OFA a license (published in Službeni glasnik RS no. 67 from 31.07.2013.) for collective management of copyright, concerning the cable rebroadcasting rights , as well as the right for collecting two special remunerations (from photocopying stores – physical and legal persons who charge a fee for photocopying and from importers/manufacturers of the equipment for photocopying and similar technical devices).

OFA members pay no membership.

For its authors and foreign authors, OFA provides protection in case of injury of copyrights in the domain of photography. These authors as individuals, for practical reasons are not capable of protecting their rights on their own (high costs of registration Copyright work at Intellectual Property Office, high court expenses in proceedings for protection of copyright, massive injuries of copyrights in the Media etc …)

OFA follows next aims
1. Implementation of property rights of authors of photographs and holders of such rights
2. Storage of published works (photographs)
3. Political and legal protection of copyright of photographers (participation in legislative projects and actions which will be taken for protection of rights)

As the individual author is often in a situation that he is not capable of protecting his rights for usage in the Media and in the cases when author is unknown, but there is the need to issue or broadcast the work of authorship.

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